Stock Number Brand Model Size Status Short Description Price USD
11562 Air Liquide 4240 39,180 SCFH (653 CFM) SOLD RECONDITIONED Air Liquide High Capacity Oil-Field Nitrogen Generator Package $175,000
11435 GSC 42.ON-5.0-100 42,000 SCFH SOLD NEW SURPLUS PSA type nitrogen generator complete with 5000 gallon nitrogen storage tank.  This unit would be ideal for plants that already have a larg… $125,000
11649A Air Liquide 4240 111 SCFH SOLD NEW SURPLUS Air Liquide model 4240 air separation membranes for nitrogen generation. Maximum operating pressure: 250 PSIG Nominal capacity: 111 SCFH (… $6,995
11578 On-Site N60 600 SCFH SOLD RECONDITIONED Nitrogen Gas Generator $9,995
11629 Liberty PRX15-750 750 CFH COMPLETE SYSTEM Complete Praxair model PRX15-750 nitrogen generation package $24,995
10471 AirSep AS1000 1000 SCFM SOLD AirSep model AS-1000 high capacity on-site commercial oxygen generator. Available for purchase, rental or lease. Model AS-1000 (new model designation… $10,995
11250 Bauer SNG-7/S/98/45 1500 SCFH (27 CFM) SOLD Bauer model SNG-7/S98/45 nitrogen generator package for injection moldling systems. $29,500
11650 Air Liquide 2500 SCFH CONTACT US Complete containerized nitrogen generation system consisting of: Air Liquide PSA type nitrogen generator Kaeser 30 HP feed air compressor Variable spe… $27,995
11636 Praxair 4240 5760 CFH SOLD Praxair membrane type nitrogen generator complete with coalescing, particulate and activated carbon filters, stainless steel piping and structural ste… $10,995
11414 Praxair 13-2000 6500 SCFH (108 CFM) SOLD NEW SURPLUS. Praxair Series 13-2000 nitrogen generation package c/w the following: – 75 HP Kaeser rotary screw feed air compressor. – Three filter com… $42,500