In come cases, Canadian Purcell Machinery is not the owner of the equipment described in this listing (the “Equipment”).  We are acting on behalf of the owner of this Equipment to facilitate its sale.  The descriptions and the photo(s) have come directly from the owner.  Canadian Purcell Machinery has no control over the quality, compatibility, safety or legality of Equipment offered for sale.  We do not guarantee the availability of equipment but Canadian Purcell Machinery will obtain over assurances that the Equipment is available for shipment/pick up prior to accepting payment.
Unless otherwise indicated in wiring ALL USED EQUIPMENT IS SOLD IN ITS PRESENT CONDITION “AS IS”, “WHERE IS”.  Equipment is offered with the right of inspection by any interested party.  Contact us at [email protected] or toll free at (866) 517-3180 to set up an inspection.  The buyer is solely responsible for determining if the equipment meets buyer’s needs.
Quotations are for immediate acceptance, subject to prior sale and change without notice.  Prices are exclusive of state/provincial, federal or local taxes.  Any taxes due are the sole responsibility of the buyer.
Payment in full prior to shipment.  We accept:  certified cheques, bank drafts and wire transfers (please contact us for our wire transfer information).  No equipment will be shipped until payment has been received in full, including fees and applicable taxes, if any.
Unless otherwise noted, the Buyer is responsible for all packaging/crating and shipping charges.  Because this equipment is often located in the seller’s facility and we do not have ownership or mange the access to the facility, all shipping arrangements must be made through Canadian Purcell Machinery.  Contact us at [email protected] or toll free at (866)517-3180 to receive a quote for crating and shipping.
When you purchase used equipment and machinery, it may not be equipped with guards or other safety devices required under current local safety regulations in your area.  Examine carefully for safety deficiencies before purchasing or operation.  It is the user’s responsibility to provide proper safety devices and equipment to safeguard the operator from harm for any particular use, operation or set up and to safeguard adequately the machine or machines to confirm to all local government safety standards and all industry safety standards.
The “Approximate Replacement Cost” that is offered for each machine is an indicator as to what, to the best of our knowledge, the new machine list price for the same or equivalent type of machine is today.
Canadian Purcell Machinery strives to deliver accurate information on all of the machines listed on our web site and the corresponding quotations; however, because much of this information is provided to us by the Owner, the accuracy of the information is not guaranteed.
Some machines may carry a 30-day return (or at Canadian Purcell Machinery’s option to repair) privilege.  If Canadian Purcell Machinery elects to take a machine back, the machine must be returned in “as shipped” condition, freight prepaid.
Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold seller harmless from any and all liability, loss or damages which seller may suffer as a result from claims, demands, costs or judgements made against seller, arising out of any use whatsoever, of the machinery and/or equipment sold pursuant to this agreement which liability, loss or damages, claims demands or judgement are based upon or result form:
1.  The failure of buyer, buyer’s officers, agents or employees to follow manufacturer’s/seller’s instructions, warning or recommendations:  or
2.  Failure of buyer, buyer’s officers, agents or employees to comply with federal, state/provincial or local laws or regulations applicable to the use of such    machinery or equipment.


1.    Full Refund Privilege:  Equipment, which carries our Gold Seal Guarantee, is backed by a 30-day money back pledge; all you risk is the freight.  If for any reason you are not totally satisfied with the condition or performance of the equipment purchased, simply return it to us freight prepaid, within 30 days of the purchase date, for a full refund.
Our goal is to provide quality used equipment at a substantial saving over new equipment and backed by knowledgeable, hassle free service.
In addition, the equipment carries a 30-day replacement parts warranty as outlined below.
2.    Replacement Parts Warranty:  Selected, properly installed and maintained used equipment will be warranted against parts failures for a period of 30 days from date of start-up or 60 days from shipment, whichever occurs first.
3.    General Provisions:  Under this warranty, Canadian Purcell Machinery will, during the warranty period, provide the parts necessary to complete repairs or at our option have the existing part required, FOB our nearest parts provider.  Installation is not included under the warranty. 
In the event that the cost of the parts exceeds the economical repair value of the equipment, Canadian Purcell may, at it’s discretion, offer a full cash refund in the amount of the purchase price upon return of the equipment or may replace the covered equipment with equipment of like kind providing similar functionality, in lieu of repair.  
4.    Warranty Limitations:  Warranty does not apply to the following conditions:
  • Damage caused by negligence or carelessness either in the machine’s usage, storage, or those occurring during transport.
  • Damage resulting from improper installation, maintenance, repair or modifications.
  • Consumable and normal wear parts such as filters, oil separator elements, lubricants, greases, batteries, drive belts etc are not covered by this warranty.
  • Cosmetic restoration or repair of conditions, which are not related to the effective operation of the covered     equipment.
  • Any repair or replacement undertaken without prior notice to, and approval from Canadian Purcell Machinery.
  • All warranty claims require a warranty authorization number before proceeding.
  • Damage resulting from power surges, electrical anomalies, fire, incompatible voltages etc.
  • Any loss of business, downtime, goodwill, late delivery, or any other commitment incurred by the customer that may be related to the purchase, use, repair or return of equipment purchased from us.
6.    It is the user’s responsibility to provide proper safety devices and equipment to safeguard the operator from harm for any particular use, operation or set-up, and to adequately safeguard the machine
7.    Warranties are limited to equipment, which is operating within the continental United States or Canada.
    Equipment Brand/Model : ___________________________________________________
    Equipment Serial Number: __________________________________________________
    Canadian Purcell Machinery Invoice Number:    ___________________________________
    Canadian Purcell Machinery Stock Number:      ___________________________________
    Date Shipped:    __________________________________________________________


Terminology Describing Condition of Equipment & Shipping Terms 
Several terms are widely accepted in the compressed air industry to describe the condition of equipment.
New – New from the manufacturer, factory warranties apply and factory options are available.
New Surplus – Unused machinery that is surplus to the owner, manufacturer or distributor and still carries the manufacturer’s warranty.
New – Old Stock – Unused machinery that is surplus to the owner, manufacturer or distributor but no longer carries the original warranty.  May have been installed but not used.
New – Freight Damaged –  Unused machinery that has been damaged during storage or shipping.  Generally in good operating condition.  Damage will be outlined in the discription.
Excellent – As New – Newer unit (generally less than 2 years old) and without any known mechanical or cosmetic defects.  Very clean appearance.
Very Good Condition – Unit without any known mechanical or cosmetic defects and relatively low operating hours.
Good Condition – Unit without any known mechanical or cosmetic defects, but with higher operating hours.
Fair Condition –  Unit with high operating hours.  Should be rebuilt before being placed back in operation.  Rebuildable unit.
Poor – Requires extensive repairs, possibly inoperable, should be used as parts machine only.
As Is – Machine in its present mechanical and cosmetic condition with all faults. 
As Removed From Service – Machine in its present mechanical and cosmetic conditions with all faults and has not been cleaned or serviced.
Serviced – New air filter, oil filter and oil change.
Reconditioned/Refurbished – New air filter, oil filter, separator elements, oil change, repair/replace any damaged or faulty components, clean/repaint, test run.
Rebuilt/Remanufactured – Rebuilt air end, new motor bearings new air filter, oil filter, separator elements, oil change, repair/replace any damaged or faulty components, clean/repaint, test run.
As is – Machine offered in its present condition with no warranty or guarantee expressed or implied.
Where is – Machine is offered where presently located with all costs of removal to be borne by the purchaser.  The seller should specify where the machine is located.
Unused – Machine was never used (may have been installed).
Used – As Is Where Is – Equipment is purchased “As is – where is” and no seller or factory warranties apply.
Trade-up Guarantee – Guaranteed percentage of the amount of purchase price toward new or larger machine within certain time limits.
Inspection Under Power – Machine was electrically connected for demonstration to representative or buyer.
First Refusal – First refusal is a hold for a clearly specified time during which seller is obligated to offer first right of purchase for immediate acceptance to holder of first refusal against any other purchaser.
Option – Option is a hold on machine for a clearly specified time during which seller cannot accept an order for machine except from holder of option.
Terms are used in regards to conditions of shipping, crating, loading and unloading etc.
C & F – Cost + freight.   This means that you pay cost of the product plus the cost of transportation to your location, but you don’t require insurance because your company is covered by an independent policy (purchaser pays applicable duties and taxes in his own country).  
CIF – Cost + insurance + freight.  When you purchase machinery and pay for it with terms “CIF destination”, it means that you pay the suppler for the cost of the goods plus the cost of insurance plus the cost of transportation to the destination, and the suppler will buy insurance and pay for the transporting of the goods to the destination.  
Crated –  Enclosed in an open-sided wooden shipping crate which will be acceptable to most trucking companies, for overland freight.
Demurrage – Is the charge assessed against cargo remaining in or on terminal facilities after the expiration of free time unless arrangements have been made for storage.
Dockage – Dockage is the charge assessed against a vessel for berthing at the pier.
Export Crated –  Equipment is shrinkwrapped in polyfilm and fully enclosed in a plywood covered crate suitable for ocean going freight.
F.O.B. – Free on board or Freight on Board.  The responsibility of the seller stops at the FOB point, with regards to freight costs or damage during transport.  For example, if a machine is quoted FOB Spokane the responsibility for freight costs or damage during transport from the factory to the buyer’s location will lay with the buyer.
F.O.B. Curb – Unit is sold without provision for loading/unloading.  Buyer is responsible for cost and damage during loading/unloading.
Free Time – Is the specific period during which cargo may occupy space assigned to it on Terminal property free of Terminal storage charges and wharf demurrage.
Freight Prepaid – Freight charges will be paid at time of shipment by the supplier.    
Freight Prepaid and Charged – Freight charges will be paid at time of shipment by the supplier and will be added to the purchaser’s invoice.
Handling – Handling is the service of moving, receiving or delivering cargo.
Palletized Cargo – Is cargo secured to a pallet to the satisfaction of the carrier.  A pallet is a two-level platform, constructed of wood, metal or other material of sufficient strength to accommodate the cargo for which it is used.
Sight Draft Bill of Landing – Shipping documents demanding evidence of payment in full prior to unloading.
Skidded – Machine fitted with suitable runners and cross pieces acceptable to commercial carriers.
Terminal Storage – Is the provision of warehouse or other terminal facilities for the storage of inbound or outbound cargo after the expiration of free time.  Storage can be either inside or outside.