Stock Number Brand Model Size Status Short Description Price USD
11502 Siemens, Elmo, Gardner Denver 2BG4089-9HZ n/a READY TO SHIP Siemens, Elmo, Gardner Denver stainless steel Model 2BGH4089-9HZ bare shaft liquid ring gas compressor – recently rebuilt This compressor was purchase… $6,995
11656 Hydrovane (Brahma) M15 - READY TO SHIP Hydrovane (Brahma) engine driven rotary well-head natural gas compressor $17,500
HG12 LeRoi HG12 - SOLD NEW SURPLUS LeRoi HG12 rotary screw natural gas compressor block $8,995
11455 Maximator DLE-15-75-NU-M N/A SOLD Maximator air driven stainless steel gas booster compressor $5,995
11680 PPI 2105 3 HP CONTACT US SERVICED PPI 3 HP, Model 2105, single-stage gas diaphragm compressor $10,995
11475 PPI 1038 3 HP SOLD RECONDITIONED Pressure Products Inc. model 1038, 3 HP single stage diaphragm compressor package $12,995
11442 Hydro-Pac CO-5-05-170LXSS-V-02 5 HP SOLD RECONDITIONED Hydro-Pac model CO-5-05-170LXSS-V-02 single-stage, two-cylinder, water-cooled process gas booster compressor including: 5 HP 230/460 hyd… $12,775
11677 Hydro-Pac C10-5.0-2CX 5 HP SOLD Used Hydro-Pac model C10-5.0-2CX, two cylinder, water-cooled process gas booster compressor including: 5 HP 230.460 hydraulic drive motor Design disch… $10,995
11297 Rix 2EZ2BG-13 7.5 HP PARTS UNIT ONLY PARTS UNIT ONLY Rix model 2EZ2BG-13 two-stage, oil-free, water cooled reciprocating gas compressor. $2,500
11633 PDC PDC-3-600-2500 10 HP SOLD RECONDITIONED PDC model PDC-3-600-2500 two-stage diaphragm gas compressor package, comes with: 10 HP motor Stainless steel coolers Originally designed… $19,995
11575 Blackmer HDL322 10HP SOLD This compressor was manufactured for a project that was cancelled and has been in storage since. The package has been inspected and tested under power… $29,750
11674A PPI - Sundyne 10 HP READY TO SHIP Pressure Products Industries (PPI) – Sundyne  10 HP, single-stage, water-cooled, high pressure diaphragm compressor. $36,995
11632B LeRoi LRG9 15 HP SOLD LeRoi model LRG-9 single stage, single cylinder, non lubricated gas compressor package including: Single stage gas compressor 15 HP electric motor V-b… $29,995
11520A PPI 4L-180-100 15 HP SOLD AS NEW 15 HP two-stage stainless steel diaphragm gas compressor $39,995
11675A PDC PDC-4-2000 15 HP READY TO SHIP 15 HP  Pressure Products Industries (PPS) single-stage, water-cooled, high pressure gas diaphragm compressor $39,995
11635 Mehrer TEL80/6S 15 HP AS NEW AS NEW – Mehrer model TEL80/65 oil-free, air-cooled, single-stage reciprocating gas compression package including: Gas compressor 15 HP TEFC Class 1 D… $27,500
11676A Hycomp AN17D-H33321-AJMVAOO 20 HP CONTACT US 20 HP Hycomp Model AN17 oil-free gas booster compressor $29,500
11676B Hycomp AN17D-H33321-AJMVAOO 20 HP CONTACT US 20 HP Hycomp model AN17 oil-free gas booster compressor $29,500
11686 Blackmer HD602 30 HP CONTACT US RECONDITIONED Blackmer Model HD602 single-stage, oil-free, reciprocating gas compressor $49,995
11690 Hycomp 2WN34F1-B401-BLMVA-20/30T 30 HP CONTACT US USED Hycomp Model 2WN34F1-B401-BLMVA-20/30T non-lubricated, two-stage, water-cooled nitrogen gas compressor package $
11671 PDC PDC-4 30 HP CONTACT US PDC 30 HP single-stage, high pressure diaphragm gas compressor $39,995
11685 Blackmer HD602 30 HP CONTACT US RECONDITIONED Blackmer Model HD 602 single-stage, oil-free, reciprocating gas compressor $49,995
11687 Blackmer HD942 40 HP CONTACT US RECONDITIONED Blackmer model HD942 single-stage, oil-free reciprocating as compressor $54,995
11684 LeRoi LRG9 40 HP SOLD RECONDITIONED LeRoi Model LRG9 two-stage, oil-free, reciprocating gas compressor $59,995
11413 PDC PDC-5-250/1250 50 HP SOLD    RECONDITIONED PDC Machines model PDC-5-250/1250-150 two-stage, oil-free, water-cooled metal diaphragm compressor package $59,500
11492 Ro-Flo 17S 50-200 HP SOLD Ro-Flo model 175 single stage gas compressor. Bare shaft replacement compressor. $8,995
11683 LeRoi/Cip PHT 100 HP CONTACT US Used CNG/RNG gas compressor package housed in a heated insulated metal building $95,000
11614 LMF V18D4411-L:25 110 HP CONTACT US RECONDITIONED LMF model L18D/4411-L25 reciprocating compressor $69,995
11679 Arrow VRS2 250 HP FEATURED NEW SURPLUS 250 HP Arrow model VRS2, two-stage, reciprocating biogas, booster compressor packages. Three (3) packages available. OPEN TO OFFERS $250,000
11569 LeRoi LG30 300-600 HP SOLD REBUILT with new bearings, mechanical gas seals etc…….GOLD SEAL GUARANTEE. SPECIFICATIONS: -Horsepower range: Approx. 300-600 Hp -Maximum capacity… $12,995
11678 LeRoi LG30152H5I (E)(P) 600 HP NEW SURPLUS NEW SURPLUS LeRoi model LG30152H5I (E)(P) single-stage rotary screw biogas, feed gas compressors. Three (3) packages available. OPEN TO OFFERS $495,000
11117 Kobelco KS22SEG 800 HP SOLD    2002 Kobelco oil-injected rotary screw Hydrogen gas compressor package. $168,000