Stock Number Brand Model Size Status Short Description Price USD
11473B Tulsa Gas TGT-K62-1DH38 - SOLD FREE SHIPPING – Used Tulsa Gas CNG Dispenser $3,995
11433 Xebec S1V18CNG - SOLD Xebec model S1V18CNG single tower, non-regenerative type CNG dryer c/w pre-filter $8,995
11480A/B Dual Fuel R8425 N/A SOLD FREE SHIPPING-New Surplus CNG priority fill panels set up for high, medium and low cylinder banks. Stainless steel cabinet $3,995
11508 - - - SOLD Twenty cylinder ASME code CNG storage rack c/w safety relief valves $12,995
11487 - - - SOLD Six cylinder ASME code CNG storage rack. $6,995
11646 CPM D8X48-285 - READY TO SHIP NEW SURPLUS single tower CNG/Natural gas dryer $2,495
11647 CPM D12X60-150 - READY TO SHIP NEW SURPLUS single tower CNG/natural gas dryer $2,995
11683A PSB 143P-SP - CONTACT US USED PSB model 143P-SP twin tower, heat-reactivated CNG dryer $39,500
11431 CP Industries - 16" X 23' SOLD Bank of three (3) high pressure CNG storage cylinders $44,995
11506 Ingersoll Rand H20NG 20 HP SOLD RECONDITIONED Ingersoll Rand model H20NG four-stage, air-cooled CNG compressor housed in a weather proof enclosure $29,995
11576 IMW IMW50 40 HP SOLD IMW 40 HP (Clean Energy) cold climate oil-free CNG compressor package $95,000
11683 LeRoi/Cip PHT-2 100 HP CONTACT US RECONDITIONED CNG/RNG gas compressor package with regenerative gas dryer housed in a heated insulated metal building. Contact Us
11531 Jmar (Henderson) JP5-33100-6-7L 125 HP SOLD RECONDITIONED CNG Compressor Package $39,995
11454 IMW IMW50 250 Hp SOLD NEW SURPLUS 250 HP IMW four-stage, air-cooled CNG compressor package. Manufactured in 2013. $135,000