Stock Number Brand Model Size Status Short Description Price USD
11262 Mac-Air HX75 75 CFM SOLD Mac-Air model HX-75 refrigerated air dryer. Nominal capacity 75 CFM @ 100 PSIG and 100 degrees F inlet temperature. Macimum operating pressure 230 PSI… $1,195
11537 Xebec 12HD08 100 CFM FLAT RATE SHIPPING Xebec Twin-Tower Heatless Regenerative Air Dryer c/w Filters $2,495
11459 Sullair SD100-DDS 100 CFM NEW SURPLUS NEW SURPLUS Sullair 100 CFM twin tower dryer c/w dewpoint control and filters $2,995
11534 Ingersoll Rand HL1201HG57AZX 120 CFM NEW SURPLUS NEW SURPLUS Ingersoll Rand 120 CFM twin-tower heatless regenerative air dryer c/w energy management system $4,995
11230 Sahara T5-1200-G4-ADIX 150 CFM SOLD Sahara (Henderson Engineering) model T5-1200-G4-ADIX, heatless regenerative air dryer c/w integral hygrometer (dewpoint meter), pre-filter and after-f… $5,995
11519 Domnick Hunter HDK140/350 156 CFM HIGH PRESSURE 2003 Domnick Hunter model HDK140/350 twin-tower, heatless regenerative air dryer, c/w pre and after filters. 5000 PSIG operating pressure. $2,995
11285 Zander ZEH-1000-SP 1000 CFM NEW SURPLUS NEW SURPLUS Zander model ZEH-1000 SP twin-tower externally heat-reactivated regenerative air dryer $8,995
11203 Van Air 1250 CFM SOLD 1999 Single tower deliquescent air dryer $5,995
11286 Zander WN-360 1300 CFM NEW SURPLUS NEW SURPLUS Zander model WN-360 Heat-Reactivated Twin-Tower Air Dryer $8,995
11577 Hankison RDH2100G 1797 CFM Used Hankison model RDH2100G heatless regenerative compressed air dryer package comes with integral air-cooled aftercooler and filters. Nominal capaci… $3,995
11425 Sullivan Palatek SPEH-2115 2115 CFM READY TO SHIP 2009 Sullivan Palatek externally heat reactivated twin tower compressed air dryer c/w pre and after filter. $5,995